Saturday, October 13, 2007

Digestive Poem From Grade 5

The Digestive System Poem

By: Jonah

Digestion is a process that begins when you eat

Food is the fuel; it’s the bodies’ treat.

Your teeth chew and chew and chew

Because that’s what they do.

Along comes the spit

To break it down a bit.

A muscle called the esophagus squeezes the food down

Into the stomach where it will be found

The food is turned into liquid

Destroying the bacteria, this is so wicked.

The small intestine keeps what we can use,

Separating it from refuse.

Next, the large intestine

Where waste becomes a solid.

Absorbed is the h20

Kerplop! Here we go…

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San said...

My students loved it,. Thanks Mr. G. San